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Vince Martinez

Vince is Architecture 2030’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Through his 16-year tenure at Architecture 2030, Vincent Martinez has been working to solve the climate crisis by catalyzing global building decarbonization efforts through the development and activation of robust networks focused on private sector commitments, education, training, and public policies. Vincent has facilitated the collective impact of a large spectrum of industry partners and organizations to create local, regional, national and international initiatives and programs.

Vincent has been Architecture 2030’s representative in engaging timber and forestry industries and the associated environmental community through multiple venues, including co-hosting summits with The Nature Conservancy in 2018 and the the World Wildlife Fund and Carbon Leadership Forum in 2021; and actively engaging in Yale’s Forest Dialogues in 2021 and the Thriving Forests & Regenerative Built Environment Summit hosted by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) in 2022. Also since 2021, Vincent has been an active participant in the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Mass Timber Action Community as part of the Climate Smart Forest Economies Program.

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