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June 17, 2024

2025 Latin American Forest Youth Summit

Support future youth forest leaders in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

As a continuation of our Future of Forest Work and Communities project, which started in 2017, our partners at University of Saskatchewan are planning a Latin American Youth Summit in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia in 2025.

The summit aims to bring together 25 youth from numerous Latin American countries with significant forest areas to focus on dialogue, learning exchanges, and empowerment of the next generation of conservation leaders.


These youth primarily live in remote rural communities and don’t often get to connect with their peers similar youth in neighbouring regions and countries. Latin America holds some of the largest and most significant forests on the planet and humanity needs the emerging generation to be as willing and able as possible when it comes to conservation and sustainable development.

The summit plans to includes sessions in the Indigenous Territory of Guarayos for participants to meet with local governance institutions to learn about youth empowerment. The planned activities include small group discussions, participatory mapping, and walking tours. 

Following the forum, sessions will translate recommendations and summit outcomes into plain language summaries, infographics, and a documentary film. The new tools will  mobilize knowledge and support future youth leadership and empowerment as part of the Future of Forest Work and Communities project.

Nomination and sponsorship opportunities are available if you or your organisation support youth development, forest conservation or both!

We are looking to receive letters of support from individuals and organisations to help us raise funds and support the initiative, no later than June 17.

Express your interest here

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