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We publish and present on topics related to design, organizational culture, ecology, innovation, and urban infrastructure. 

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How a new methodology helps cities lighten their tread on tropical forests, and invest in their future


While city residents increasingly recognize the benefits of urban trees to reduce stress, sequester carbon, and clean and cool the air, the benefits of forests outside cities receive far less attention.


Cities need to ensure that they are using materials that tread lightly on the planet and can be renewed. This points to a role for wood.

published writings


100 Fountains featured in Places Journal


"Fountain Society" written by prof. Shannon Mattern


Read the interview with Feargus O'Sullivan

Scott interviewed by Monocle for The Urbanist podcast


Utopian Hours: Turin’s growing momentum, The Urbanist 575 - Radio

speaking engagements


Pathways towards climate-smart wood procurement. Introduced by former deputy mayor of London Nicky Gavron, Scott Francisco and Cities4Forests are hosting a participatory expert-level exploration of the latest thinking and research on sustainable wood for city projects.


Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World (SW4SW). Sustainable wood in construction: Contributing to green cities and the bioeconomy. Scott Francisco presents the groundbreaking Sustainable Wood for Cities platform outlining 8 pathways for wood sourcing to benefit climate, biodiversity and livelihoods.


This keynote by Scott Francisco outlined several key strategies to support circularity and sustainability in the new global forest economies. In particular the Cities4Forests' Partner Forest Program.

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