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COP15 Carnaval de la Biodiversité

Carnaval de la Biodiversité was a unique engagement and networking event - designed by Pilot Projects - for changemakers from COP15 and Québec civil society. In the Montreal tradition of mixing people, culture, play and serious content, guests partook in food and drink, awe-inspiring performances, short talks and interactive biodiversity games. The event featured thematic circus animation by one of Montreal’s cutting-edge troupes Le Monastère.

Pilot Projects designed a custom series of interactive biodiversity-themed carnival games (see posters below) using ash timber recovered from the urban forests of Montreal that have been devastated by the invasive Emerald ash borer beetle. These games were hand crafted by Montreal organization Bois Public. The event was held at the Centre St. Jax building with its inpiring mix of vaulted historic spaces and intimate nests for lounging and private conversations.

See the full event photo album here.

City of Montreal's heroic deffender of its 200,000+ ash trees, Urban Forester Anthony Daniel, beside our "Ash Borer Escape" game, which pits the deadly ash borer against the City of Montreal!

For more information about this and other events designed by Pilot Projects at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity please visit our event landing page:

We are grateful to the sponsors who made this event possible:

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