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2018 - Present

Partner Forest Program

Pilot Projects has been working with diverse partners and funders to develop a suite of activities to kick-start the Partner Forest revolution. 

Around the world hundreds of forest communities are protecting the tropical forest environment and producing quality products, but they often lack access to markets for their forest-friendly goods. To access this wealth and support these enterprises, participating cities can be paired-up with a carefully selected forest in our partner forest database.

These partnerships can take various forms, for example, the procurement of sustainably-sourced wood for use in a city landmark, forest carbon credits, or the use of non-timber forest products, like coffee, cocoa or rubber. See our programming at COP26 in Glasgow.

Additional programming may include research and travel exchanges for citizens, students, and leaders between the forest and the city.

The Partner Forest Program is a Cities4Forests collaboration with World Resources Institute, and funded by the Norgegian Forest and Climate Initiative, Built By Nature, The Laudes Foundation and Defra UK.

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